3D Mint Pass

Limited 500 Total Supply

Play To Earn

You will be able to use your NFT to play in our game!

Earn $HAPE in Normal mode, PvP Mode, and much more TBA…

Stake 2 Earn

Staking your Hungry Ape NFT will earn you $HAPE!  You will be able to redeem $HAPE for Crypto on the Solana Blockchain, in game items, power ups, future NFT Drops, and more TBA!


We’re creating the “Chef Edition” Apes in our collection. All the proceeds will go towards Child Hunger.

Partnering up with: Nokidhungry.org



Only 5% of the collection will be “Legendary” If you mint one consider your self lucky!


20% of the collection will be “rare” right underneath Legendary, special traits.


30% of the collection will be “uncommon” packed with unique traits! also super sick!


45% of the collection will be “common” don’t think common isn’t good because they are still groovy and packed with utility!



Hungry Apes NFT Mint


The Hungry Apes will be listed
on Solana Market Places


Integrating holder‘s Hungry Apes NFT’s skins into our game.

$HAPE SPL Token Release!

Plans to list on major CEX/DEX

Big Game Updates! Adding PVP/P2E mode

HAPE - A part of the future of P2E Metaverse Gaming.

Start Earning $HAPE playing our game!

full integration of the token into the game with play to earn functionality!

Cyber security team

Security audit + Hacker Test


The Hungry Apes will be listed
on major Solana Market Places.

Built for the Solana gaming community:


Donation to Child hunger from all the proceeds of the “chef edition” in our collection!

Exclusive HAPE

Clothing/Gear for hand picked OG holders

Canvas Drop

Custom printed canvas for hand picked Hungry Apes Holders!

HAPE - A part of the future of P2E Metaverse Gaming.

Staking your NFTs:


Staking will be released!


Users will be able to start staking their Hungry Ape NFT.

Ingame Shop

Adding updates to our ingame shop (power ups, hats, animals, parachutes)


We will consistently be upgrading our game! (New Maps, Modes, NFTs, and ways to earn) We will be asking the community for their suggestions, ideas and consider it!


After PVP mode is launched, we will be introducing tournaments where players pay entry fees to win major rewards!

App Development!

Our game Developer will start the app development for the game and plans to get listen on the Appstore and Google Play store.



Co-Founder, Marketer, Crypto Fanatic!

Game Developer

Loves playing/Developing games

10+ Years in experience


Solid Guy that LOVES NFTs

Game Animator

Big fan of anime and has

10+ Experience in animation


Super Creative guy with

10+ Experience with Art!


Experienced in Block chain and Game Development

5+ Years of experience 


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the Blockchain. These smart-contract powered tokens can be used to represent ownership of unique items because they can only have one official owner at a time no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

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